The FangirlFandom

I am only a Fangirl in this tumblr universe *-*  This is my Multi Fandom Blog!
Animation, TV- Shows,other awesome Movies and stuff I wanna post!! Call me Mar ;) OTP's: CaptainSwan, OutlawQueen,
Hiccstrid, Rumbelle, Rufflout, Fishthorn, Grimnut, Twyret, Snowing,
FrankenWolf, Olicity, Klaroline, Delena, Percabeth, Kristanna,
Helsa, Fourtris, Everlark, Romione, Hinny, Rainbow Snowcone and other movie couples!! Gravity Falls, Once upon a time, How to train your Dragon
....and MUCH MUCH MORE!!! asdfghjklqwertzuiopyxbnasdfgwrertzuiyxfcgvbye
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